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SoftWorld is an organization formed to translate manual processes into automated processes.

SoftWorld recognizes that the world has become a soft world, a world fast losing its physical significance, choosing to do things on the backbone of an abstract (electronic) infrastructure, driven by software, which mimic everyday procedures and processes of life, operating on hardware (i.e. machines) computer systems, networks, peripherals, ultimately forming a soft world mainly because this enhances control, efficiency, speed and communication.

Digital Library

This is a document repository that is online on the Internet that enables an account holder post documents and then access them from anywhere in the world with an Internet Access.

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This will enable businesses to catalog their products and services allowing them to transact business from their website and subsequently accept payments using debit cards, credit cards and micro-payment systems.


Assists knowledge producers with a target audience to record their notes, essays and articles and then post them to a blog via their mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer.

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