SoftWorld was formed in 1997 as a sole proprietorship by Nasser Ugoji to pursue the business of providing Information Technology Solutions to the worldwide business community. In 2008 SoftWorld became a limited liability company with the strategic partnership of Nasser Ugoji and Kwame Ugoji. In 2015 Yaya Dungus was given the company profile and he built the first website for SoftWorld Computing Limited using HTML and CSS.

SoftWorld is an organization formed to translate manual processes into automated processes.
Our employees have experience in making use of the computer as a tool to enhance productivity and service the information needs of any customer, be they the general public, the management of an organization, the employees of an organization or entrepreneurs.

Our depth of experience extends into Training, Publishing, Research & Consulting, e-Commerce, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Software Development.


To implement functional systems that integrate individuals and groups from multiple disciplines using business process and workflow to translate requirements for building structures that are beautiful, living and encourage productivity, progress and meeting of objectives.


To create opportunities for harmonious flow that nourishes the organization life cycle.


  • A collaborative attitude to our customers in order to make them part of the development process from design to engineering.
  • Empathic service that aims to please our customers by providing efficient and well-timed delivery of services.
  • Integrity towards the quality and consistency of the product so that the result of the job speaks for itself wherever and whenever it is appraised
  • Commitment towards problem-solving, creativity and analytical thinking.
  • Ethical approach towards decision making aimed at maintaining positive characteristics of the job.
  • Objectives

    To establish an extended organization which connects multi-disciplinary teams and maximizes the information flow of inter-generational talent to ensure that the skills of hardwork, smartwork and achieving great results are transferred throughout the organization and all who interact with the organization.


    SoftWorld relies on its ability to simplify complex tasks and sharing of the knowledge acquired to collaborators. We believe this strategy will help to disseminate the business model of the company for an organic style of growth.

    Management & Ownership


    Nasser Ugoji, CEO & Managing Director
    He has an HND in Computer Science from the Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

    Kwame Ugoji, Chairman & Executive Director
    He has a BSc. In Psychology, LLB in Law from the University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria and was called to the bar in 2002 . He has extensive industry experience in Information Technology solutions from the early 90s..

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