SoftWorld Portal

An Internet/Intranet/Extranet platform that enables an organization carry out e-business, customer relationship management (CRM) and employees issues resolutions.

Internet Domain Name Registration

By offering affordable domain name registration services through SoftWorld and also allowing Domain Pointing services we can enable most businesses that rely on free email services like yahoo, hotmail and gmail begin to use their own company name as their email address host.

SoftWorld eMail Server Maintenance Services

For a reasonable retainer fee SoftWorld will maintain the email server of an organization by providing services such as creation of new e-mail users, forwarding of e-mails from one email address to another, regulating the use of disk space on the server.

SoftWorld Digital Lab (Computer Education)

This is a training centre for like-minded unemployed people to congregate and improve their skills in preparation for carrying out demanding assignments in the corporate sector. It also encourages candidates to pursue self-employment.

SoftWorld Hotspot Management Services

Hosts wifi hotspots at broadband speeds and allows customers devices to access the Internet at a remarkably minimal cost per month.


SoftWorld offers Task Management, Publishing, Graphic Design, Wireless Networking (Indoor and Outdoor), Database Applications, Work flow Development, Document Management, e-Mail Maintenance, Intranet, and Portals.

Business Competitiveness

Adeptness in Social Media Knowledge Management and Collaborative Solutions that will help turn the social networks into highly effective cultural teams. This will enable us exploit the concepts and information that are necessary to implement Intelligent business processes.

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